Plants Grown With LED Grow Lights

May 4th

LED grow lights have significant advantages over incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps for growing plants indoors. They emit little, if any, heat, use a little power and last for a while. Location LED lights near plants will not burn their leaves, unlike incandescent bulbs. Indoor gardeners use LED lights that emit the full spectrum of light.

Stylish LED Grow Lights
Stylish LED Grow Lights

Tomato plants, which require a good amount of sunshine, thrive with high intensity, full spectrum LED lights. Cherry tomatoes are particularly easy to grow in a home or apartment because the plants do not mess as deep as varieties like big boy and early girl. Indoor gardeners can place the lights close to the plants because LED lights emit a little heat, as opposed to incandescent LED grow lights. As the lights run cool, the room where the tomatoes grow does not need special ventilation, although tomatoes do not mind warmth. A strawberry, another plant that requires direct sunlight, grows well under LED light. With good soil, sufficient food, moisture and light, the constantly supplied varieties can produce fruit all the time. When planting strawberries in strawberry pots, use multiple LED bulbs to ensure each plant has sufficient light.

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Herbs grow prolifically indoors under LED lights. Basil, oregano and rosemary easily withstand the dry conditions in home, especially in winter. You can place these herbs in a single pot or a series of pots during LED grow lights. These herbs do not require much water. In fact, rosemary grows well in dry climates. Basil and oregano, which grow fast indoors, can taste or decorate a variety of dishes.

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