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August 10, 2018 Models

Hanging Lights for Living Room Ideas

Hanging lights has gained much popularity for use in kitchens over the past few years. Public places to install it are on the island or peninsula. One of the most frequent questions I see is how high I hang it and how do I get it out? Both questions can be answered in several ways and because with the design aspect of the house there is no absolute or correct answer. However, there are some guidelines to use that can help you make the right decision.

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One consideration at altitude is to select hanging lights. If the fixture has an open base and fitted to a high, it can be very annoying looking into the bulb all the time. With the same token, fixtures designed so that the top is not made for viewing, if installed too low, can be very unattractive. There is an average height that you can use as a guide, about 68 “- 72” from the floor to the very bottom of the fixture.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Hanging Lights for Living Room Ideas

Image of: Hanging Lights with Rope
Image of: Hanging Lights Over Kitchen Island
Image of: Hanging Lights Outdoor
Image of: Hanging Lights Images
Image of: Hanging Lights Ikea
Image of: Hanging Lights for Living Room
Image of: Hanging Lights for Kitchen
Image of: Hanging Lights for Dining Table
Image of: Hanging Lights for Dining Room
Image of: Hanging Lights for Bedroom
Image of: Hanging Lights Decor
Image of: Hanging Lights Cafe

On the dining room table, this same rule can be applied. A little tip or word for the wise. If your equipment will be installed before there is actually a table underneath it put something there in its place. Can be a big box, bench, folding table or chair. This will save someone who goes to the hospital for stitching after walking into a broken fixture or fixture. That’s the article about hanging lights.


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