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Exclusive Today: Cree Lighting

Cree lighting is an American company with more than 20 years in development of semiconductors, LED technologies and luminaries. After being one of pioneer companies in development of interior lighting, in 2011 Cree expanded operations towards outdoor lighting with purchase of Ruud Lighting, a leading company in this category. Ruud added an extensive line of LED products to Cree portfolio including brands such as Beta LED and LED Way.

About Cree Lighting

About Cree Lighting

It is very difficult to predict future, but we can say that there is a difference: a few years ago we were more concerned about efficiency; now and in future we will see an increase in quality of lighting and color reproduction. On other hand, technology is developing apparently simple but useful things; for example, cree lighting LEDs can operate with different energy sources, provide different color temperatures and achieve a quality of light similar to old incandescent sources or metal additives.

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An important element that makes difference is True White technology, developed by Cree, that offers an efficiency of +90 CRI (color reproduction index) in line with warm or cold color temperatures. In addition to high performance of LEDs that each Cree team has, a difference of our technology is mix of light of red with light of unsaturated yellow of cree lighting LED that results in a pleasant white light with color and consistency precision It uses less energy than traditional lighting.


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